Rrumpff tillff toooo ?

Electroacoustic music, 4 channel audio, duration: 10'50''

An electronic adaption of the Sonate in Urlauten (1932) from Kurt Schwitters.

The sound poets among the Dadaists of the early 21st Century decomposed speech into their component parts, diced them with each other and put them back together in order to create new forms of expression. In Rrumpff tillff Toooo? this process of decomposition and reconstruction of speech is taken up, continued and expanded by means of digital sound synthesis.

The material arrives from the Sonate in Urlauten by Kurt Schwitters, from: Das literarische Werk, ed. by Friedhelm Lach © 1974 DuMont Buchverlag, Cologne and Kurt and Ernst Schwitters foundation, Hannover.


More Details and Speechtransformation experts coming up Soon! (22.11.2018)